Proven skin care tips for all skin to glow naturally

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As we know health is wealth, it is very much necessary to keep ourselves healthy both physically and mentally. Staying healthy means keeping our body free from diseases and stay fit. Here we will learn some tips to stay healthy and let no physical ailments create hindrance in reaching our goals. Let us talk about healthy skin, some summer skin care tips and also how to keep it glowing always. We need to take much care of our skin in summer more than winter. With these natural skin care tips you can bring that confidence in you. Other than healthy skin here is also some useful ways to stay healthy.

Protection from sun

The most important summer skin care for healthy skin is to protect your beautiful skin from ultra violet rays of the sun. Use sun screen lotion whenever you are going outside and apply it every two hours. Not only in summer season, but also in winter season and all through the year we should use branded sun screen. Hands and legs should be covered and try to use hats under the sun which are tips to stay healthy.

Eating healthy diet for healthy skin

Some of us have normal skin, some sensitive and some dry skin. Whatever skin type you have, preventing fast foods, oily dishes are ways to stay healthy. Acnes, dryness and pimples can pop out due to unhealthy diet practice. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet which is one of the essential tips to stay healthy. Fruits like bananas, cucumber, oranges, grapes, watermelon, and ripe papaya boost our skin. One of the best skin tips to increase our glamour is drinking sweet lime juice daily.

Stress management skin tips to stay healthy

The other factor responsible for our healthy skin is to live stress free. Thinking too much, taking lots of stress can make our skin look poor. Live a healthy life; make a routine of all your work in your home and at work to keep situations under control. Try to spend one hour of the day with yourself and do anything you love and enjoy which is a great way to stay healthy.

Gentle skin tips

Treating the skin in a gentle manner is important to avoid any skin rashes and dryness. Our skin has its own natural oil that makes it glow. Bathing for a long time or in hot water washes away the natural oils of our skin making it look dull. Therefore the other skin care tips are not to bath in too hot water and not to be under shower for a long time. After bathing rub your towel gentle over your skin and apply body moisturizer or body oil on your wet skin.

Exercise and stay hydrated

During exercise our skin breathes in lots of air as the pores are opened. Due to this it injects more oxygen making it glow. Breathing exercises like yoga is also very helpful. And most of all, drinking lots of water, drinking fruits juice once in a day helps to keep the skin hydrated and are good tips to stay healthy.

Some skin care tips for summer skin care

  • You can apply watermelon paste or ripe papaya paste on skin every time you return home after a hot sunny day.
  • Apply raw milk mixed with honey on your skin to reduce effects of ultra violet rays.

Summer skin care for oily skin

Mix 2 spoon besan, 5 drops lemon juice and half spoon turmeric powder and apply on your face to deep clean your skin.

Skin care tips for dry skin

Mix honey and egg yolk in equal amounts and apply on your skin. Alternatively you may mix aloe Vera gel with powdered milk to prevent dryness of the skin.

For normal skin

Mix sour card with tomato juice and apply on face. Keep for 20 minutes and wash it.

All these summer skin care packs can be applied at least two times a week to get the best results. Deep clean your face before going to bed in one of the best ways to stay healthy.